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In the era of "information explosion", we need consumer protection wisdom

With the rapid development of the Internet economy, the environment in which the public accepts information has become increasingly diverse, and accordingly, the screening and classification of information has become increasingly complex. For insurance companies, how to properly and timely respond to the management pressure brought about by the "information explosion", and achieve early identification, classification, early warning, and early disposal of information, on the one hand, is related to the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, on the other hand, it can also improve the risk management level of insurance companies, and help them develop steadily in the increasingly fierce market competition. This is the wisdom that large state-owned insurance companies need in the development of the new era.

All along, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Life Insurance Company") has adhered to the principle of taking the people as the center, always bearing in mind the "great people of the country", starting from meeting the people's growing demand for insurance protection, caring for the people's concerns, solving the people's urgent needs, and actively practicing the customer centered business philosophy, Quickly respond to the "Improving the Consumer Environment and Strengthening the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests" proposed in the "14th Five Year Plan" of the country, and take multiple measures to improve the protection level of consumer rights and interests around the eight major rights and interests of financial consumers, namely, the right to property security, the right to know, the right to independent choice, the right to fair trading, the right to claim compensation according to law, the right to education, the right to respect, and the right to information security.

Culture+Mechanism, Whole Process Solution to Insurance Pain Points

In 2021, China Life Insurance Company updated and upgraded its current corporate culture system, incorporating consumer insurance into its business development strategy and corporate culture construction, "being honest and trustworthy, professional and efficient, customer first, and experiencing first-class". Taking customer satisfaction as the starting point and foothold, taking customer satisfaction as an important criterion for evaluating service work, and always reviewing service experience from a customer perspective, The protection of consumer rights is deeply rooted in the genes of Guoshou people.

China Life Insurance Company has established a full-process consumer rights protection mechanism, including focusing on the source, key issues, and disposal. Focus on source prevention, strengthen proactive protection measures, target the eight rights and interests protection requirements of financial consumers, carry out product and service consumer protection reviews, identify and prompt related risks from the source, strictly prevent products and services from entering the market with diseases, and establish the first line of defense for consumer protection; Grasp key links, integrate consumer rights protection into the front, middle, and back offices, strengthen internal control, assessment, and supervision, truthfully, accurately, and comprehensively disclose and inform customers of product and service information, promote further upgrading of online service capabilities, continue to create a "fast, warm" claims settlement service brand, and further enhance customer experience; We will focus on dispute resolution, unblock multiple channels to receive customer complaints, establish and improve a diversified dispute resolution mechanism, strengthen the full process control of consumer protection work before, during, and after the event, and present a "big consumer protection" work pattern.

Online+offline, innovative consumer protection education scenario dissemination

China Life Insurance Company has established a long-term mechanism for consumer rights protection education and publicity with "perfect mechanisms, diverse forms, rich levels, and practical results". Various education and publicity activities have been carried out on a regular basis both online and offline, and various special financial knowledge publicity activities have been actively organized, such as the "March 15 Publicity Week" and "Financial Knowledge Entering Thousands of Families". The number of consumers involved has increased year by year, It has been rated as an excellent organizational unit by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission for many times and has been widely recognized by consumers.

Online, the official website of China Life Insurance Company regularly publishes consumer risk alerts, opens a column on "Consumer Insurance Education Cloud Classroom" on official WeChat, and opens a column on financial knowledge popularization on the China Life Insurance APP. It publishes financial knowledge publicity, truthful notification prompts, identity information change alerts, vigilance against agent surrender, and popularization of eight major rights and interests, and develops a new platform for consumer insurance education publicity. Offline, relying on the advantage of a wide distribution of service outlets, a public welfare financial knowledge publicity and education zone is set up on the counter, and a rich form of public welfare financial knowledge publicity on-site activities are carried out through "entering the business district, entering the community, entering schools, entering the countryside, and entering nursing homes", committed to improving consumer financial literacy and effectively protecting consumers' right to education.

Through many scenarios of online and offline publicity and dissemination, China Life Insurance Company helps consumers obtain consumer insurance information and efficient communication channels through convenient ways, safeguard their own rights and interests, and improve the "availability" of financial services.

Organization+team to protect consumers' rights and interests

Since 2019, the organizational structure of consumer rights protection work of China Life Insurance Company has been continuously "upgraded". The Board of Directors has adjusted and established a "Risk Management and Consumer Rights Protection Committee", and the senior management has established a "Consumer Rights Protection Committee" and a "Consumer Rights Protection Working Committee", clarifying the consumer rights protection department, and continuously improving consumer protection responsibilities. The board of directors, the board of supervisors, the president's office, the fire protection committee, the working committee, and the management of institutions at all levels are responsible for the top-level design and comprehensive implementation of the fire protection work.

The continuous upgrading of the organizational structure has led to the continuous growth of the consumer insurance team of China Life Insurance Company. Consumer insurance work involves a wide range of fields and is highly professional. China Life Insurance Company strives to establish a "big consumer insurance" team with high political awareness, strong comprehensive quality, strong dedication, and excellent professional skills, orderly promote the construction of consumer insurance concepts, continuously carry out consumer insurance training at different levels and targets, create a positive consumer insurance atmosphere, and continuously strengthen the awareness of all employees in consumer rights protection.

There is no end to consumer protection. As a state-owned financial and insurance company, China Life Insurance Company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "customer centered" and protected the legitimate rights and interests of consumers through various measures. China Life Insurance Company stated that it will bear in mind its original mission, continue to maintain a fair and equitable financial market environment, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of insurance consumers from aspects such as organizational structure, mechanism culture, and scenario-based communication.



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